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ReachSolutions helps our clients enter new strategic markets, introduce new products and services and launch and grow successful, sustainable new businesses. We help our clients develop a deep understanding of new markets and business areas, gain direct-from-the-market validation to support new product launches and new market expansion and design ROI-based, actionable go-to-market strategies for reaching success.

Market Prioritization.  We help companies rank and prioritize potential vertical and/or horizontal target markets for the launch of new products or services. Through a structured research and survey process we assess and prioritize potential target industries and narrow these down to a short list of target markets and horizontal solution areas that can then be validated through our market validation process.

Market Validation.  We help companies analyze and validate potential new target markets through “direct from the market” data.  Employing a structured, survey-based, analytics-driven process, we gather data directly from executives in the market that can help our clients identify and assess such critical issues as:

  • How important is the problem/How valuable is the solution?
  • How well do current value propositions resonate?
  • Who are likely buyers and stakeholders?
  • What are compelling reasons to buy?
  • What are likely buying objections?
  • What are competing alternatives?
  • How much value do customers place on solving the problem?

Go-to-Market Business Strategy.  We help companies develop actionable, go-to-market business strategies that provide a roadmap for launching and building a highly successful, sustainable business in a new market.   We help our clients define critical objectives and build an actionable strategy that addresses the following key areas:

  • Product/service positioning
  • Sales approach
  • Alliance management strategy
  • Marketing approach
  • Delivery approach
  • Organization and Infrastructure
  • Investments and ROI
  • Milestone-based action plan

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